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Have you got a new pup or kitten and need help? 

Have you got a story about your pet that you'd like to share?

Raising Pets (incorporating My Pet Stories) has 2 functions - firstly to provide excellent pet care info to pet owners who have new dogs and cats - to help them raise their pets in the best way possible. Secondly, to provide an environment where people can share and discuss their pet stories - that's the My Pet Stories section.

If you and your family are raising a new pet:

- The Pet Timeline Assistant

Dial up the age of your pet and get information that's relevant to what's going on with your new pet right now. When you get a new pup or kitten there is heaps to deal with - everything from vaccinations through to toilet training. It can be a very stressful time. It's also a wonderful time and you'll be very keen to do the right thing. To help you make the most of this precious period - to give your pet the best care and to enjoy it at the same time, the Pet Timeline breaks the first 6 months down into 2 week blocks - you get the information you need right now.

- Pet Care Info

This is a resource for pet owners, a library of current and important pet care tips and advice. Written by leading veterinarian Dr Fiona Turner, the content is easy to digest and at the same time, technically accurate.


My Pet Stories

The great thing about pets is that they come with stories - everyone likes talking about their pets and everyone's got a story about their pet. The stories we tell about our pets are powerful beyond measure - they help people connect with other people and build relationships where none existed before. This is the place for those sacred moments, the place to reach out to others and let them know how amazing your pet is. You'll find a vast range of stories here - from the joyful new puppy stories to the sad and loving memorials - and we encourage you to contribute yours. We look forward to hearing from you.



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Pet Timeline Assistant

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