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Pepper's story

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Vets commonly see dogs with sore and itchy ears - especially this time of the year. Read Pepper's story to find out more about this common condition. 

Pepper's ears are burning

Pepper, the Cocker Spaniel had been shaking his head and rubbing his ears along the side of the couch. His owner’s had noticed a bad smell and were reluctant to snuggle up with him on the couch at night. Both of his ears were hot and very sore to touch.

His ears were examined with an otoscope; an instrument that shines light into the ear canal. Both canals were red and full of wax. A sample was gently collected and examined under the microscope revealing a yeast infection.

Pepper suffers from allergies and when his ears become irritated, his constant itching makes them red and sore. Yeast love warm, dark and damp conditions, and Pepper’s inflamed ears are the perfect environment for yeast to reproduce.

What to watch out for in your pet: 

• Scratching or rubbing the ears

• Head shaking

• An abnormal odour or discharge from the ear

• Pain when you manipulate the ear

• Redness and swelling of the external ear canal

Pepper went home with an ointment to settle the inflammation and kill the yeast. A week later, he came back to the clinic a much happier dog and repeat examination revealed that the medication had resolved the infection.

If your pet has sore, itchy or smelly ears, call your vet for an appointment as the sooner they start treatment the better!

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