Feeding your pet for optimum health

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Feeding a balanced commercial diet recommended by your vet is the top tip for a healthy pet. These premium foods are highly digestible and you get great value for money.

Due to their high quality ingredients and excellent quality control your pet will suffer less tummy upsets, maintain and healthy weight and a great coat and there will be less poo for you to pick up.

 Here are some other top tips for feeding your pet:

  •  Keep human food and table scraps off the menu
  • Introduce a new diet over 5-7 days, gradually increasing the percentage of the new food to prevent any tummy upsets
  • To control calories measure out the quantity required, don’t just top up the bowl
  • Avoid creating a fussy dog; leave their meal down for 15-20 minutes, taking up what is not eaten and offering later
  • Cats prefer to be fed ad lib but be careful not to overfeed

Puppies and kittens have different nutritional requirements to an adult dog or cat, and pets with a history of urinary tract disease or arthritis may also require a specific diet. Ask your vet for advice about the best diet for your pet.

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