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Gardening with your pet in mind

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Suite 4, Level 1, 66 Albert Road
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Spring is in the air and it is time to dust off the tools get out and do some gardening.

Follow these tips to make sure your garden is a happy and safe place for your best friend:

1. Provide secure perimeter fencing and consider installing an enclosure that allows access back into the house for your cat

2. Decide where your pet is allowed and stick to the rules early, dogs don't understand the difference between weeds and precious plants

3. Set aside areas for toileting or lying in the sun, away from your garden beds and plants, try a litter tray or pet loo

4. Raise beds to keep dogs off your plants

5. Avoid poisonous plants such as rhododendrons and azaleas, daffodil bulbs and daphne as well as plants that can cause skin irritation such as nettles, cactus and wandering jew for dogs. Lilies, if ingested are be poisonous to cats so it is best to avoid these too.

6. Keep bird baths and bird feeders off the ground and place a bell on your cat to protect our wildlife

7. BE AWARE: Many fertilisers are highly attractive to pets but can cause serious illness if eaten. Ingestion of Snail and Slug Bait is a common cause of death in dogs and cats. Products that claim they are ‘pet friendly' contain a bittering agent but this only act as a deterrent. Some pets will still eat these highly toxic baits so consider if these are absolutely necessary. Try a safer method, such as a deep saucer of beer that cannot be accessed by your dog but will kill the snails.

 If you think your pet may have ingested anything that may be dangerous, call your vet immediately.

For a more comprehensive list and great tips visit http://www.petnet.com.au/sharing-your-garden-your-best-friend

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