Cats go crazy for a little nip

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Have you ever tried Catnip? Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you will be bitten! Catnip is a herb, related to the mint family and can cause an amazing behavioural reaction in cats.

Approximately 50-70% of cats will do anything to roll in, sniff, or even eat the leafy plant while others seem unaffected by it. Some cats resemble a drunken appearance, vocalise and roll around. You may notice elevated energy levels, increased affection and playfulness. Catnip is especially great to encourage and stimulate activity in lazy cats and indoor cats- give it a try! Check out a cat reacting to Catnip here

Test your cat’s response to Catnip by using a small amount at first. Most cats will respond by calmly purring, as well as pawing, licking, rolling in or eating the plant. Cats less than six months of age are usually not affected by catnip so be patient.

The herb, available dried or fresh, can be used to fill soft cat toys or even sprinkled on the floor (sorry about the mess in your house!). For even more fun you can purchase the plant in nurseries and grow it yourself. The fresher the herb, the better your cat's response. It's party time for your kitty!

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