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Beware of Dreaded Grass Seeds This Summer

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After the abundant grass growth this spring, it is bound to be a nasty grass seed season. 

Unfortunately, the tip of a grass seed is pointy and very sharp and they love to bury in to your dog’s skin. A grass seed can migrate from under the paw out between the toes. If the seed does not exit, a painful abscess can lead to the need for surgery to remove the seed or remnants. It is not uncommon for your vet to remove multiple seeds from your pet's paws at once!

It is also not uncommon for a grass seed to end up in your dog’s ear canal causing intense head shaking. If you notice your dog is shaking his head or appears itchy around the ears, an examination with your vet is essential to rule out the presence of a grass seed.

Occasionally grass seeds will lodge themselves behind the eyelids - you might notice green mucky discharge and a very red a sore eye. This requires urgent veterinary attention. 

How can you avoid grass seed problems?

1. Keep your dog's fur clipped short- especially around the ears and between their toes- arrange for them to be clipped now before the groomer is booked out!

2. Feel for grass seeds between your dog's paw daily, also check around the eyes and ears and don't forget under the armpits!!

3. Consider canvas booties if your pet is out and about in high risk areas - click here for an example 




Remember! Regular checks for grass seeds are essential; concentrate under the paws, between the toes, around the ears and in the armpit region. A keen eye will prevent grass seeds becoming a problem.



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