Be on your best beach behaviour!

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Taking your pooch to the beach on a hot summer's day is a great way to relax, enjoy the sunshine and cool off. No one likes to cause a scene so don't forget your beach etiquette!

Here are some top tips:

  • Remember that not all beaches are dog friendly. Check with your local council before you go. Find out if your dog is allowed off leash
  • Always make sure you are in control of your dog, never let your dog bound up to strangers or annoy others
  • Always pick up your dog's poo - no one likes to go swimming with a 'Barker's Egg'!
  • Keep dogs off dunes and native vegetation areas. Shore birds such as Oystercatchers, Plovers and Terns nest along the high tide mark and will not breed if disturbed. Look out for signs warning you of sensitive nesting areasĀ 
  • Take care near the water, dogs that swim in the surf can easily drown if they are swept under by a wave; consider a canine friendly life jacket
  • Don't let your dog eat any dead fish or birds, these can be toxic if ingested (such as the puffer fish)

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