A day at the dentist

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When you take your pet in to your vet for a health check up, your vet should always lift your pet's lip and check out their pearly whites. If any of the teeth are unhealthy,  a dental plan for your pet should be initiated. For many pets, this will involve a dental clean.

Vets use very similar equipment to human dentists. Unfortunately we can't ask our pets to keep their mouths open so to make sure we are able to clean all teeth and do it safely, a general anaesthetic is required.

A vibrating instrument, known as an ultrasonic scaler is used to remove any plaque that is stuck to the teeth. In some cases, bacteria may have already damaged the structures of the tooth, leading to exposure of the roots and sensitive nerves. This can cause your pet pain and lead to a tooth root abscess, so it is best your vet removes these teeth. A fractured tooth may also require extraction.

Local anaesthetic is injected around the diseased tooth and the tooth is gently removed. Sometimes, dissolvable sutures will be placed at the site. Finally, a polishing instrument and prophy paste are used to help form a protective layer over the tooth.  

Antibiotics, pain relief and a diet of soft and chunky food may be needed until the extraction sites have healed. Your pet will be happier, healthier and a lick on the face won't lead to you fainting!

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