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If you have ever watched a cat or a dog chase its own tail it can be rather amusing and perhaps even a bit concerning. This is especially the case if they’re an older pet and they have a habit of chasing their tail to excess, making them exhausted.

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About 1 in 10 dogs seen by vets suffer from heart disease. Knowing the early signs of heart failure can make a big difference to your dog’s life. It means you can seek medical help from us and we can then start treatment early, achieving a better quality of life for your dog.

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A day at the dentist

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When you take your pet in to your vet for a health check up, your vet should always lift your pet's lip and check out their pearly whites. If any of the teeth are unhealthy,  a dental plan for your pet should be initiated. For many pets, this will involve a dental clean.

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The truth about your pet's teeth

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Did you know that foul smelling pet breath is not normal? Smelly breath usually reflects a diseased mouth and an astonishing 80% of dogs and cats over 2 years of age have some degree of dental disease.

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