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Raising Pets
Suite 4, Level 1, 66 Albert Road
South Melbourne
VIC 3205

We are a team of veterinarians and pet lovers who are focussed on delivering the best quality health care information to the community as well as celebrating the role pets play in our lives.

Co-founded by vet Dr James Ramsden, this is a new site designed to engage with pet owners around the time of getting a new pet. We aim to provide relevant information at the right time, to help people find their way through the difficult first 6 months.

We advocate the use of vets for health care and this message is particularly important in terms of preventing illness. Getting the right advice and care early on will set your pet up for life.

Our content is the best available. Content provided by us is written by our content expert Dr Fiona Turner, a leading veterinarian with strong media experience. Being a technical expert and a good communicator are vital in this role.